Interfaith Cyber Fellowship

Welcome to our Interfaith Cyber Fellowship. With the business of life and the craziness that the pandemic has brought to our lives the importance of a Cyber Fellowship becomes apparent.

How to Participate

Our Interfaith Cyber Fellowship can be accessed in various ways explained below.

– The comment section of each blog post is open and your participation is valuable.

– Our Interfaith Prayer Chapel is available to you. Please join us in our continued prayers for Peace.

– Join our Interfaith Cyber Fellowship group on Facebook.

– Join us on our Interfaith Message Board.

– Follow us on YouTube. When you subscribe to our YouTube channel be sure to click the bell icon to make sure that you receive notifications when we post new videos. By liking our videos you help to share our message. Commenting allows you to participate with others in our fellowship.

– Join us daily in our Interfaith Peace Prayer.

– Visit our Interfaith Library.


  • To develop mutual respect for spiritually-minded people from all faith perspectives.
  • To promote “inclusion” and not “exclusion.”
  • To reclaim the centrality of ‘orthopraxy’ (acting with compassion to build a world of justice and peace).
  • To think about what it means to live in a pluralistic world.
  • To discuss alternatives to the distrust, hate and violence that have so often accompanied religion.


  • Non-Violent Activism
  • Interfaith Peace Weaving
  • Metaphysical Healing
  • Loving others as we wish to be loved