A Covenant and Six Fundamental Assumptions

We covenant to respect, nurture and support all within this our Interfaith community, founded upon compassionate action in the world. We base our covenant upon the following assumptions:

1. There is a spiritual core to the universe that calls us to our better selves if we will listen. Some may have a belief that this spiritual core is God and may have a clear belief as to who or what God is. Others may believe in a God who is less clearly defined. Still others may view this spiritual core in terms of a life force or moral imperative, with no thought of God at all.

2. While each of us must define the meaning of our own lives, we understand, accept and embrace as self-evident what Jesus, Confucius, Hillel, the Buddha, Muhammad and so many others have taught us: that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and that we must strive daily to treat each other with honor, with respect and with love.

3. A part of that fundamental respect is to honor the multitude of spiritual paths that our fellow men and women have traveled and will travel.

4. We are defined by how we act and who we help. We are called to act with compassion, love and respect not only within our community but within the entirety of the human community.

5. Economic, racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation and other such divisions have no spiritual relevance, and any hierarchy based on them is both baseless and harmful.

6. The Earth is our home, regardless of its creation history, and we are called upon to act as stewards and guardians of its wonders and diversity so that all generations may experience its profound beauty and richness to the fullest.

– The Interfaith Alternative Embracing Spiritual Diversity

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