Welcome Home

Hail and Welcome to River Willow Monastery and Herb Farm in Dinwiddie, Virginia!

Our Monastery

Our home Monastery was inspired by Pope John Paul ll in his quote “every home a monastery”.

My wife (recently deceased) and I are Interfaith Ministers. We follow a blended spiritual path and have had our lives greatly enriched by doing so. We believe that God by whatever name we choose to invoke loves and has spoken to all people.

I call myself an Interfaith ChristoPagan Nun and have no qualms incorporating any practice from any path that helps me to grow spiritually.

River Willow Monastery has been recognized as a Personal Shrine by the Correllian Nativist Tradition. Currently listed as Green Path Monastery.

Our Apothecary

Our Monastery Apothecary creates numerous herbal blessings in small batches that we use daily. The overflow of these herbal blessings we are happy to offer to you. For more information about our small batch and handmade herbal products please Click Here.